The so-called soft RTD (ready to drink) is a category of still small in comparison to traditional alcohol category, but year after year recording increasing growth. The RTDs are mainly consumed by youth for whom they are an alternative to beer and bar drinks. They are associated with fun sustained by light alcohol thanks to which it lasts longer. It is a synonymous of a party that does not end in a club but rather moves from place to place.

RTD beverages are on average 4.5-7.5% alcohol, but they can also be stronger. RTD beverages, although in much smaller scale produced on the basis of beer or wine, are created mainly on the basis of vodka. There are of course other products bases, accurately depicting alcohol drinks known to us from the bar versions, such as gin and tonic.

There are also mixes of alcohols with other categories, also young but definitely the ones which appeal to consumers, especially the younger generation. Of course it is about “enhancing the party”, mixing alcohols with energy drinks. Moreover, until recently, the manufactures of energy drinks were obliged by law to provide information on not mixing them with alcohol, whereas nowadays it is a best-selling ready mix. The times are changing; the needs and regulations appear to be adjusting to them.

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