A good design entices and guides by conveying the right message to the potential buyer. But designing an attractive product package is not an easy task. For that reason, we at EGS/AMERICAN PRIVATE LABELS have hired creative and professional staff in the design department. They are always there to help and guide you, as EGS/AMERICAN PRIVATE LABELS client, with their knowledge and experience to develop the right package based on your products needs and specifications. Our designers pay special attention to every detail and ensure that your package is designed to be attractive and of high standards. Based on your requirements, the designs are prepared digitally and after you approve the final design, it is sent to the department for the development of clichés.


Clichés are forms of rubber used to transfer the design and colors by means of high temperature. The process of preparing clichés is a very delicate one and is very significant to the printing process. We pay special care to the preparation process of clichés, which are made in detail up to 4000 DPI that provides high-quality printing offering continues excellence after each print. We make clichés in dimension up to 2032 mm x 1270 mm.


The third step of our production process is the printing, when the clichés are done and ready to use we can start out printing process. Thanks to an advanced technology EGS/AMERICAN PRIVATE LABELS possess an ability to print in materials with a width of 1300 mm, to print with 8 different colours, with a maximum speed of 400 m/min, with high precision on all kinds of flex materials.


EGS/EUROPA PRIVATE LABELS produces multi-layered packaging products through lamination of layers PE, BOPP, CPP, PA, PET, AL FOIL and paper. Laminating is done for various reasons including stability of packaging, insulation, and better presentation of the packaging, depending on the need of the products that are packaged. In our fleet of machines, we have a lamination technology of high standards that can laminate at a width up to 1300mm.


The cutting department is equipped with automatic machines that process the packaging of different dimensions, with up to 11 cuttings in internal diameters of 76mm and 152mm and with external diameters up to 600mm.
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